The rollercoaster continues!


In my last blog I wrote about how rubbish things had felt for me that week.  I promised myself that the following week I would be fired up, focused and fabulous.  So here I am ready to report back to you on how that has been.

I posted my blog on Friday morning and felt pretty flat, but after an afternoon of gaining some perspective, doing things that made me happy and taking some time for my mental wellbeing being I was feeling a little more positive.  I understand that to some people that will all sound a bit American but for me it works and let’s be honest, your general wellbeing is so important.  We should focus on that more often rather than simply being happy burning ourselves out.   Anyway as a result of some head space I then had a cracking weekend, doing simple things with someone who makes me smile.  This all set me up for a blinding week and that is what I have had.  So good that I am now writing this blog 3 days late!

A week ago today I drove to Newcastle to spend the day with my friend Sophie.  I mention Sophie in a few blogs.  To recap, we worked together at JL for a few years and she left after being made redundant 4 years ago.  Since then she has set up Smart Resourcing Solutions and in my opinion she is flying.  She is a great inspiration, motivation and support to have in my life.  Alongside being a great friend she has unofficially become my mentor.  Last Monday we had planned in time to go through my business plan, look at the financials, share experience and plan for my strategy day that I was having with my coach later in the week.  As ever, time with Sophie was thought-provoking.  I came away with a head full of ideas, actions, motivation and positivity.  It is really uplifting to spend time with people who get it!  I always love hearing about her plans and work and the highs and lows that she faces too.  Although to be honest it is a whole heap of highs right now for Soph!

I spent Tuesday focusing my head after the day in Newcastle and getting a strategy plan together to compliment my business plan.  I didn’t intend to do this but after I sent my business plan to Lisa (my coach) she sent me some thought-provoking questions and I decided to explore them fully.  They were so helpful in supporting me to be clear about my mind, emptying my head on to paper and to see everything written down.  That actually brings me nicely on to Lisa.  I have written about her a few times.  I have been working with Lisa as my coach for the last 2 months I think.  I didn’t know her before and this is the first time I have had a meaningful coaching relationship. Something that I can see and feel is making me a better person.  It is helping me to stay focused, hold myself to account, consider things I didn’t even know needed consideration, believe in myself, challenge myself and plan.  I came across Lisa via a post on LinkedIn and after an initial discovery call I knew that we could work together.

Thursday was spent with Lisa, she had structured the day exactly around my needs.  We have spoken often and in-depth and so she really understands my head and where I am at, what I am struggling with and how I tick.  This allowed us to have a really great 3 hours together.  We got straight to it, using my business plan and strategy document to help formulate my operational plan to being ready to launch Sparkle HR in November 2017.  As you can imagine, there is a lot to do and a lot to learn along the way but I can now 100% say I am ready for this!  My plan is set out and I can track how I am progressing confidently.  I posted on LinkedIn about my day with Lisa and I will say it again in my blog, if you are going through change, or simply need support with your development/progression then working with a coach can be a beneficial relationship to have. Investment in yourself is important and I can speak from experience now, Lisa is fabulous.  If you want to know more drop me a message.  Her name is Lisa Jelly and she offers a free 45 minute discovery call for anyone interested.

My parting paragraph for this week is to say, I am feeling in a good place, I feel that no matter what happens with this venture I am giving it my all.  That is all I can ask of myself.  Last week was a great week, this week is starting off that way too but as my previous blogs have captured, that can change at the drop of a hat at the moment.  For now, I am focussing on me, my future and my feelings.  That feels good, long may this fired up, focused and fabulous lady continue!

Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for everyone to see, it’s just a tiny spark that whispers ever so softly, “keep going.  You got this”

Love Laura x


Desperation and Hope 

That’s a pretty dramatic title but hey I’m a dramatic kinda girl!

When I started my blog I promised myself and also documented it in writing that I would write honestly. This is after all, a blog taking you on my journey from employee to business owner and beyond.  It won’t be easy, I always knew that!  It is with that thought that I decided this week to write about how I have been feeling over the last 7 days.

This week has been tough. Returning from a beautiful holiday is never easy. Returning from holiday to 700 emails at a time when you are being made redundant, in a week when you are being formally assessed by the CIPD and you’re trying to focus on a bright future and when that future is so alien to you, I can tell you now is utterly hideous.

I think that some of my panic, worry and upset has been triggered by a significant milestone in the change process of my currrent employment. Group consultation has closed and the proposal is now final. Meaning being served my notice is one step closer and the reality and enormity of this huge change is slamming me in the face daily.  Yes I have my plan and I am well on my way to setting up Sparkle HR but this week I’ve found myself doubting all of that. I’ve doubted my ability, progress, decision making and sanity!

I think it is because I am not in a great frame of mind that everything seems so scary.

It’s not all been bad though. I’ve been listening to a podcast called Style your Mind by Cara Alwill, she is a life coach and focuses on women who want to empower themselves and build a beautiful life.  I’ve also used a site called Fiverr to source a creative to do my branding. So, she has my brief and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Sparkle HR is about to get a logo!

My point of telling you all of this is not to start your Friday off in a depressing way or to look for sympathy. My point is that I need to acknowledge for myself that it’s been hard and hard days will continue to come. I have to face in to them. I am also sharing because I hope that this helps others to know you’re not alone. I’m sure lots of people have been on a similar journey to me in the past and I know lots of people will be on the same one right now.

Find the moments of light in a dark week and acknowledge them. Feel proud of them.

So yes, it’s been hard, but there has been some positive baby steps forward and I’m determined to keep the momentum up and to squash the negativity and worry.

Decide the kind of person you want to be and go be them, but do not let a bad day become a bad week, month or year.

It always seems impossible until it’s done – Mandela

Love Laura x