It all had to start somewhere

Hi. I’m Laura. Im 38. I’m an HR professional with a successful 20 year career, 17 years of that with my current employer. (17 hugely happy and fulfilling years I might add.)

That tends to be the general content of how I introduce myself to new people or how my friends describe me to others. My career over the years has defined me. I like that, I’m proud of that. Things are changing though, changing in a way that’s rocked my world.  I’m a bit of a control freak and so my way to deal with being told my role is proposed to be redundant is to plan, plan like my life depends on it. I have time to plan as I won’t leave my current role until the start of 2018. To some people the action I’m taking, the plans I’m making may seem like I’m entirely cool with the change, taking it in my stride even. Being honest though, I’m not, it makes me deeply sad some days, it scares the life out of me on others and at times it feels like I’m in a daze. Some bizarre nightmare even. However, on the other hand, at times I feel empowered, energised and enthusiastic for change. I feel motivated to try something new and excited by the possibilities of what might be. I’m enjoying having a new challenge to focus on, it feels crazy that this is me.  This is a good thing. After all, nothing good ever grows in a comfort zone!

In 2018 I’m re writing my introduction and that will become….Hi I’m Laura. I’m 38. I’m an HR consultant and the Director of Sparkle HR LTD. 

WOW that felt good……the first time I’ve publicly shared that! So everyone. This is me. This Is my journey.

Why the blog?  Well, I recognise that I will have great days and not so great days along this crazy exciting journey and I want to share that with you all. I want to take you on my journey with me, I hope I might offer some inspiration to others, I would love to hope that people offer their personal support, wisdom or encouragement. I dream of building a following of cheerleaders to push me on when things get tough. No pressure guys! I also want to share my success because. Well why not!

I plan to keep my blog running when I’m trading as Sparkle HR and the content will naturally progress. For now however, do come along for the ride with me. I will share, overshare at times, I will be entirely me. I want you to get to know who I am and what makes me tick.

So as a way of an introduction. That’s all I will say for now. I’m planning on making this a weekly blog. Until next week….

“Your destiny is determined by the choices you make. Choose now. Choose well.” Anthony Robbins.

Love Laura x