Positivity breeds positivity

Hi everyone. My blog this week is not related to any specific topic just a general update on my progress and what’s been happening. I hope some of it may be useful and interesting to some of you and if not I hope you enjoy knowing how I’m filling my time anyway! 
I’ve been asked by a lot of people recently what steps I’m taking and how I’m doing things, what I’m learning and any advice. So I figured a bit of an update might be a little interesting to anyone going through something similar, even if it’s to just share the experience.  I’m not trying to say I’m right in my approach by the way. Simply sharing how I’m muddling through! 

There’s been a lot going on this week. My head is full but if I were to summarise my mood right now it would be one of feeling hopeful, positive and energised. Being around positive people really is impactful.  One of my aims this year has been to find ways to get this outside of my current employment, in preparation to becoming self employed.  It’s amazing how powerful sharing and support from what effectively are strangers can be. There’s a hugely supportive world out there when you start to look.  It is so important to invest in time for you. It’s worth it. The benefits may not be there immediately for you to see but my advice would be to do it anyway. It won’t be a negative thing that’s for sure, there’s always something to learn or a new connection to be made maybe even space for an idea to spark. 

On Thursday I attended the first Northern Power Women live event which was a day made up of a series of short speakers sharing their own stories.  Some of the topics on the face of it were not necessarily relevant to me. However in reality I took something from each and every single session. I left yesterday feeling motivated by a room of amazing people and every time I attend something like this my confidence grows. I get used to speaking as the Director of my own business rather than an employee of someone else’s. It feels great!  

My business plan is also coming together now and after a session with my coach this week we have planned in half a day in July to turn my completed business plan in to a workable operational plan in order to support me launching Sparkle and building my clients. This action alone this week has made me feel in control and has given me a sense of purpose. 

I’ve also taken another positive step; I’ve enrolled to study for my ILM Level 7 diploma in executive coaching and mentoring. Alongside outsourced HR services I plan to offer coaching to business leaders and therefore I will be ensuring my skills are at the top of their game. Making this decision and enrolling is another piece of my plan falling into place.  I’m making things happen (slowly) and I’m happy about that. 

I’ve also booked myself a place at a WIBN meeting locally as I want to increase my networking in and around Sheffield. I’ve done a fair amount in Leeds, Manchester and York but need to put some focus on the city I live in. Again, all little steps but it’s a lot of little steps that will make the difference. 

I know that I’m still on this wild rollercoaster and next week I could be feeling very differently but as I listened to Tanja Lichtensteiger speaking today I took this message away engrained in my brain. Aim for 1% progress each day and you will go a long way. 

Take a breath and have a go. You will only go forwards not backwards – Lara Morgan

Love Laura x


Author: lauramoughton

I support businesses to achieve an outstanding employee experience that delivers results for the business by offering outsourced HR services. I have 17 years experience operating with the UK's leading retailer I have a strong commercial skill set which enables a link to be established between the employee agenda and business aims. I am motivated by challenge and supporting the commercial success of the business through people. Lauramoughton@sparklehr.co.uk 07894435423

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