Life’s not a journey, it’s a dance 

It’s easy to get swept along with always striving towards the next goal. The next thing in life. Feeling like you are in some kind of race to achieve the next bit and never really appreciating what’s happening in the moment. I learnt this only 10 months ago.  Simply because I watched this short clip at work. 

When something resonates with you I suppose it just does. I’ve re watched this clip over and over. If you know me I’ve probably discussed it with you or shared a link. I’ve even got the music. It just makes me feel calm. Calm in my life is always good! So what I’m about to tell you in this week’s blog is mainly about my progress this week but I don’t mean it in a way of a checklist or rushing to the next bit. I am trying to enjoy each part and learn what I can. Making the most of the dance. Even when the dance feels sad or frustrating. After all, at least I’m still here to dance. 

Right now I’m on the train heading to London. I have a meeting today about my upcoming redundancy.  Hardly the kind of day that fills you with joy; in fact just writing it is making my heart sink a little. However, it is a necessary part of my dance right now.  The good things about being made redundant are many if you choose to see it that way. Some days I feel optimistic,  others not so much but let me tell you some fab stuff that has happened since I found out my life was about to change direction. 

My career in HR started at 18. I kind of fell into it when I didn’t do as well as I had hoped with my A Levels.  When I say fell into it I mean it seemed  like a career choice that interested me and I got lucky in securing an admin HR role to start my journey. Although I kind of fell into it I have loved it since day one but twenty years later I have never validated my knowledge and career by becoming CIPD qualified.  For a mixture of reasons really ranging from the cost and time to excuses and the fear of failure. As my career has progressed though, it’s been a niggle at the back of my brain. I knew that I needed the qualification if I was to leave the bubble that has been my current employment and I also felt like I was missing out on a whole community of like minded people in the outside world. So, a long story short I asked back in November if work would support me with this qualification. You know what? They said yes and so in March this year I set about gaining my qualification through something called the experience assessment route. Believe me, it’s not a breeze. It challenged me in many ways. There was an impact report, a self assessment section, a case study and testimonials from people you work with not to mention the 3 hour professional discussion. (Think interview!). I put my all into it though; it’s given me a fresh outlook and inspired me to learn more and it’s been a hugely positively experience made only better by finding out last Friday evening that I passed. Yes that’s right. I can now officially say I did it! I am CIPD qualified and I feel great that I’ve achieved that. Not because somebody made me but because I wanted to do this for me. I maybe should have pushed myself years ago but it’s done now and I’m very proud that the final part of my missing jigsaw has been placed. 

I’m also currently trying to find the right coaching qualification to study as it’s something I enjoy but again have no formal recognition for so I’m super excited about starting this part of my dance too. Linked to coaching is also mentoring and I’m a volunteer mentor for a programme that the CIPD run called Steps Ahead. The aim is to support people into employment. Help with CV writing, interview skills and that kind of thing. I’ve met with a mentee this week and that felt good to be using my skills in such a positive way. It’s great to give back where you can. 

Something really challenging me this week is getting my branding for Sparkle HR right. I have some initial drafts that I love but they are not entirely right and it’s such a new area for me. Many times this week I’ve had to pause and tell myself it’s ok to find this challenging because the good thing is it means I’m also learning. The logo is still not completed but I’m feeling ok with this. It doesn’t need to be perfect first time. (No Laura, it doesn’t!)

So, back to the dance. My advice to you is simple: don’t rush through life striving for the next thing. Step back, gain some perspective and enjoy the moment. You only have it once after all. 

Today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. – The Dalai Lama

Love Laura x


Author: lauramoughton

I support businesses to achieve an outstanding employee experience that delivers results for the business by offering outsourced HR services. I have 17 years experience operating with the UK's leading retailer I have a strong commercial skill set which enables a link to be established between the employee agenda and business aims. I am motivated by challenge and supporting the commercial success of the business through people. 07894435423

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